Monday, January 9, 2012

Nots an Krosses

The NYMQ 2012 turned out to be Nots and Krosses. High temperatures, high stress, lots of not's - not cool, not straight, not the right colours, not the right size, more krosses. And then, I mananged to finish the top. A bit busy, not over neat (LOL) with criss crosses and some naughts jumping out of the design. There is always the satisfaction of finishing a top - perfect or not. The resolution that my forté probably doesn't lie in perfect patches but rather in art. 

Note to self:  A gold embossed, red patterned  fabric will NEVER be neutral. 
How DID that happen? 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Second New Years Quilt.

OK. Lets try again. I have all the instructions, I have cut the fabric and made the OHS so, I can just as well make the quilt. Luckily I can always bribe Nkosinathi to do the B&B shift. So here I go,
1.  Make the OHS that were wrong on the first set of instructions.
2.  Do the lay out of the 9 blocks
3   Attach the side bars
4   Attach the top bars
5. Devise a border
6. Sandwich and quilt.

12:20  OHS done. Layout done and it is 16 blocks.  On my way to get the rows stitched. 40 deg Celsius in the sewing room. I wanted a sauna any way!

OK, This did not happen. Some rows done for the blocks but I'll have to learn how to do those nice red marker rings that is used on the forums to show other peoples mistakes by the cruel people.Piecing has lost its appeal completely. Pity. Expensive fabic, expensive bribes and waste of precious time.

Take a big breath. January has started in full swing!