Friday, January 7, 2011

Where it all started,

This is the first major  quilt I ever did. It took me around 3 years to complete.

It was my objective to use this huge world map as an icebreaker with new guests. It works like a charm.

This quilt was done, using realistic applique on handpainted background.  My sister and mentor was instructing me every step of the way.

The quilt was finished at the end of July 2010


  1. Hi Danel I can't believe how professional your blog is after one day? Surely you have done this before. I have been working on my blog since the new year and still learning. Welcome

  2. LOL @Cheryl, Thank you. Blogging I've never done but I did a lot of graphic and web design and have been in IT for [blush] 26 years!

  3. Thank you Sandy! C U around.

  4. Your quilt art is superb!