Thursday, January 13, 2011

Heibie's hexagons

I hand stitched this quilt for my DH. I used a brilliant technique found at the Sew many Ways Blog . Thanks to Karen and her clear instructions.  This quilt was machine quilted.

Rooi Malvas

This quilt is made in the Confetti Technique taught by Noriko Endo. Fabric confetti pieces covered with silk netting and then embroidered and quilted in free style. This is still in progress...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cat quilt for Mariette Burger

I made this cat quilt for the cat lady, Mariette for her birthday. It was paper pieced on temp foundation in tafeta. I have since almost given up on piecing with tafeta. (the song with lyrics, Slip sliding away, comes to mind). the quilt is hanging in the kitten room of LaMaska Cattery.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New years day mystery quilt 2011

I joined the quilting forum at for Janet Wickell's Mystery quilt on new years day.

This quilt is going to my youngest son, Danie. In his words: I like the squares, it fits my personality. Danie is doing his second year of articles as accountant this year. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Imigqa Yomlingo

My very first quilt as you go project. String pieced directly onto batting and backing. Sashed by machine and hand. Primary and secondary colours with black.

This quilt has a very strong african feel to it, hence the name in Zulu.

 The label reads: Hierdie kwilt is met baie liefde gemaak vir Kenny, my primêre kind, deur jou Ma, Danél vir Kersfees 2010.  (Translated: This quilt was made with a lot of love, for Kenny, my primary child, by your mother Danel, for Xmas 2010)  Kenny is my oldest son, but also a great artist in his own right. He loves working in primary colours.

Thanks to Jadi-leigh Wessels for the picture of the completed quilt! 

Master, mentor, friend and sister

I can't blog a story about quilting without including a piccie of my sister Ethelda. She has been such an inspiration through all my crazy ideas. Cautioning me to neatness, inspiring me with new ideas and revolutionary techniques. My only sibling, I can be so greatful for her influence in my life.

This picture was taken just before she left for Ireland last November. She is working there for a year. I miss her dearly.

I spy, pieced in satin ribbon

I had an idea. I had the ribbon (Thanks Mariette!) I sat down and I pieced and pieced and pieced!!! This was pieced on 100% percale permanent foundation.

And pieced

Friday, January 7, 2011

Kaylen's baby quilt

At the Alberton quilt show in 2008, I attended a workshop given by Marianne Niemand. We did this beautiful little pattern and I completed the quilt in time for Christmas to give to Kaylen.

It was the first time my DH was confronted with fabric cut into pieces and then sewed together again, differently. He questioned my sanity then and ever since.

The Painting

In October 2010, my dear friend and international artist, Pieter Janse van Rensburg, asked me to do an interpretation of one of his paintings in fabric for an exhibition April 2011.

Although huge, this project is still a lot of fun and working with the design of a Master, brings you back to the basics. Light and shadow, circle of movement, Colour and contrast. He joined me for a visit with my sister and mentor Ethelda Ellis, for a quick educational tour in painting with fabric. I grabbed the camera to capture the two masters jabbing away, both of them in awe about each other's work. I was speechless.  This is a rare opportunity that I value and treasure!

The painting I'm interpreting is also featured on Pieter's Website at

I'm doing this in Pam Holland's technique of realistic applique.

Watch this space for the completed quilt!

Stork tea for Alexis

My dearest friend Mariette Burger, helped me create this "nappy cake" for Alexis' Stork Tea. This is a novel idea, and it was wonderful to see Mariette's skilled hands create this masterpeice from a bag full of nappies, blankies, toys and dummies! Clever people surround themselves with skillfull friends!!
Mariette owns and manages Ribbons and Rosettes creating breathtakingly beautiful rosettes for cat,dog, horse and commercial shows and breeds Siamese, Oriental and Peterbald cats in her LaMaska cattery.

Baa Baa Blacksheep

Quilt for Alexis, my grand daughter.
Aplique with hand embroydered faces. I included a little black sheep on the quilt on my husband's insistence. Fun little project.

I don't seem to have a picture of the completed quilt though! What a pity! This was completed in September 2010.
Alexis Muller

Little bag blue

I made this little shoulder bag for my son's girlfriend for Xmas 2010. 
Strip pieced ribbon on percale. Embellished with satin rose rosette and beads, 

Quick and easy project! 

The enchanted forest

I made this quilt as an exaple while doing a workshop with Ethelda Ellis in Noriko Endo's confetti quilt technique. I'm mostly thrilled with the end result. It pics up the impressionest light beautifully.

Where it all started,

This is the first major  quilt I ever did. It took me around 3 years to complete.

It was my objective to use this huge world map as an icebreaker with new guests. It works like a charm.

This quilt was done, using realistic applique on handpainted background.  My sister and mentor was instructing me every step of the way.

The quilt was finished at the end of July 2010