Saturday, January 8, 2011

Imigqa Yomlingo

My very first quilt as you go project. String pieced directly onto batting and backing. Sashed by machine and hand. Primary and secondary colours with black.

This quilt has a very strong african feel to it, hence the name in Zulu.

 The label reads: Hierdie kwilt is met baie liefde gemaak vir Kenny, my primêre kind, deur jou Ma, Danél vir Kersfees 2010.  (Translated: This quilt was made with a lot of love, for Kenny, my primary child, by your mother Danel, for Xmas 2010)  Kenny is my oldest son, but also a great artist in his own right. He loves working in primary colours.

Thanks to Jadi-leigh Wessels for the picture of the completed quilt! 


  1. Danel, this is so pretty, I love your label, it tells the story! So good for for a first quilt. Kenny must have loved it!-Sandy

  2. Danel, I love your blog! Jealous of the wonderful work you did with Jacaranda. The ladies made some beautiful pieces. Can't wait to start. The "garage project" will take a huge beating this school holiday!! Hope the new house is coming on well.(?)